MattMan LoL
[RIIP]TRiPP MAN I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! Mattman you suck! ;)
Prom Eric, Prom and Gina enjoying uk Sundown Festival.
dfbjimmyz What up dfb!?!
GatoVuelta Amazing server, hidden gem, can you send a discord link?
Dragostini Hey guys, got some questions for ya. Easier explained on voice, so I'm idle on your TS. Please drag me to a channel, or just hit me up in the Lobby when someone is around. I'll stay idle.
{dFb}eMac Yo Baba! Hope you're doing alright. We're a few years older but some of us in dFb still hang out. Mostly idling on TeamSpeak :laugh:
Baba 20 years
Baba Wow. 2 years have gone by. Hope you're all doing well.
p455w0rd w0rd bitches
Berserker 666
[FFK]GameOver OK thanks
{dFb}eMac A lot of us still have the game installed but we don't play. Sean (in chat) does still play though.
[FFK]GameOver Do you still play? If so I'm interested. I'll check back here in a few days. Thanks
=(V)=~Sean~ I have invited a few folks from the SFL - Snipers For Life Clan to pop in to TS and possibly play a game or two on their server or the Don't Fuckin' Blink one. So you lil bitches better show up.
Leandro Go
SKCro beans
0 it's down again?
{dFb}eMac dFb Matrix Invite: h
0 ts is back up faggots
{dFb}eMac TS3 back up =) It was a OS error that locked me out of the machine. Took a bit to get back but we're good now
0 remove the spaces from that url ... until matt figures out how to fix his shit
0 does this whole chat clear or break when a link gets pasted? NICE JOB FAG!
0 hahahaha
0 fix yo shit matt!
X Yo matt, the TS3 server shat itself.
=(V)=~Sean~ Some fucker a few years ago said "dFb? they are dead, man...." I was like "the Fuck they are asshole!"
=(V)=~Sean~ wait... that's broken : ldUnreal/UnrealTourn amentPatches/release s
=(V)=~Sean~ Unreal Tournament 1999 Official 4.69C patch : ldUnreal/UnrealTourn amentPatches/release s
Utah Hi
=(V)=~Sean~ Hey ! Hope everyone's doing well and for my American brothers : Happy Independence Day !!!
{dFb}eMac yum yum
SR How does Mattman have kids, if he’s a virgin?
A UT3 Fan THANK YOU!!! =)
yaxel te am
yaxel cool
yaxel cool
NP are you guys still old and fat? Ps, i miss postie.
Flattab I used to be a BJG man in highshool
{dFb}eMac FYI: the master servers are down. Epic mentioned they'll be back up around the 25th. In UT99 you can use your favorites and enter the IP but in UT3 online multiplayer wont work at all
{dFb}PromETHieus UT3 Fan, here are the map files, I will also ask Matty to put the link in the ut3 section for people to grab the .UT3 MAP FILES. .com/file/d/1yUMcG_O lgAXbIWq7ExxAJ5yoAnH KIHBx/view?usp=shari ng
{dFb}PromETHieus Hi there, I am the UK UT3 Member, I am uploading to Google Drive, I will give you a link to the .UT3 Map Files shortly.
{dFb}eMac I can see if we can put a download link for the UT3 maps. Our UT3 guy is based in the UK and I have no interest in running servers again. Up to Matt if he wants to deal with UT3.
A UT3 Fan Aww no more U.S. UT3 server. Where do I get the maps?! :@
Plopper69 :turd: with friends =)
Hi dFb ;)
MattMan Holy shit MasterSeal super long time. Stop by TS sometime!
{OCS}xPaPaDx Formerly {-M3-}MasterSea l from Team-m3@dfbutclan :) It's been many years. GREAT to see you're all still around! Cheers!
lethaltail who do you think you are? i am!
=(V)=~Sean~ This page doesn't look too bad on an Android.
Soulrain You are all still great players!
{dFb}MattMan Yes we killed them!
thexkey the fourms died?
{dFb}MattMan Jimmyz!!!
jimmyz Matttttttttttt
i farted and it smells real bad
{dFb}PromETHieus Yo Kaiser....Team spreak
{dFb}PromETHieus Yo Toxic, how are you.
{dFb}MattMan Hi Toxic stop by TS sometime. =)
t0x1c great to see {dFb} is still alive :) hows everyone doing?
Kaiser_Soze 1 word...six letters...
{dFb}MattMan 0skillz :turd: Pooooooooop. :laugh:
{dFb}PromETHieus What are you looking fixed
Anus Butter Fix what???
matt's botthole gay
matt's butthole hmmm
matt's butthole fix it yet?
PromETHieus Ts3 now visible....
PromETHieus Yo dudes, sent from my Galaxy z fold 3
MattMan :turd: test site 2
matty\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ fix your code matty
matty\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s bane let's find out
matty\\\\\\\'s bane how many times can you escape an apostrophe?
matty\\\'s bane hmmm
matty's bane what in tardation is this shit?
=(V)=~Sean~ This is the death of the forum, then ?
{dFb}eMac dFb rocks!
{dFb}PromETHieus {dFb} Forever!!!!!!!!
{dFb}PromETHieus Hi Guys looking great.
Unreal Tournament Forever!!!!!!
MattMan :@ MAD :@ MAD :@
MattMan ;)
Test :)
TURD :turd:
MattMan Testing again
MattMan Testing