=(V)=~Sean~ Hey ! Hope everyone's doing well and for my American brothers : Happy Independence Day !!!
{dFb}eMac yum yum
SR How does Mattman have kids, if he’s a virgin?
A UT3 Fan THANK YOU!!! =)
yaxel te am
yaxel cool
yaxel cool
NP are you guys still old and fat? Ps, i miss postie.
Flattab I used to be a BJG man in highshool
{dFb}eMac FYI: the master servers are down. Epic mentioned they'll be back up around the 25th. In UT99 you can use your favorites and enter the IP but in UT3 online multiplayer wont work at all
{dFb}PromETHieus UT3 Fan, here are the map files, I will also ask Matty to put the link in the ut3 section for people to grab the .UT3 MAP FILES. https://drive.google .com/file/d/1yUMcG_O lgAXbIWq7ExxAJ5yoAnH KIHBx/view?usp=shari ng
{dFb}PromETHieus Hi there, I am the UK UT3 Member, I am uploading to Google Drive, I will give you a link to the .UT3 Map Files shortly.
{dFb}eMac I can see if we can put a download link for the UT3 maps. Our UT3 guy is based in the UK and I have no interest in running servers again. Up to Matt if he wants to deal with UT3.
A UT3 Fan Aww no more U.S. UT3 server. Where do I get the maps?! :@
Plopper69 :turd: with friends =)
Hi dFb ;)